I'm Bryanna. 16.
I really fancy girls, cats, and body modifications.
She blocked me because I commented on her newest video about feminism. I told her shes a hypocrite for slut shaming and that she needs the true definition of feminism.

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Here is my tattoo. Complete, but will need to be touched up (tree dude) after it heals. It’s a custom piece that I described, and two very talented tattoo artists made a reality. (Leo and Skott from Funhouse tattoo in Pacific Beach, CA)
It’s Pretty much a manifestation of what manic depression feels like to me. Inspired by an art piece by Eric Lacombe, a scene from Pink Floyd’s The Wall, (loosely) Alice in Wonderland, and Edgar Allan Poe.
The right side is the “dark” side. The tv in a field scene has always been my favorite part of The Wall, it’s so powerful. I’m bipolar II and have the tendency to practically live on this side, hence the girl digging her raven claw legs into the ground in an effort to stay.
The tree on the manic side is meant to represent a “protector” like character, attempting to convince her that she’s invincible when she’s manic/hypomanic. The red dress represents escalated sexuality and further invincibility, which also often comes with the territory.

This is the work of Vinnie Myers who is a tattooist who creates 3D nipples for breast cancer survivors. Instead of going through the painful nipple reconstruction process, Vinnie creates his works of art for countless women working out of his Baltimore studio. A remarkable man doing remarkable work. Reblog if you have been touched by cancer.







i wish i could be better


the notes though..

Q’d up north ✌

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Kevin’s face as he is being read scmanex fan fiction by Sly during his livestream. ~

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